Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Fun

So Joclyn will be 6 months on saturday which is insane, she is getting so big!! So I decided to put up some photos of the things we've been doing since our Hawaii trip in April. These last 6 months have been a big learning experience watching our daughter learn and grow! We moved into a new place up by the temple the day we got home from vacation, I don't ever want to do that again. Next time I'll take the vacation after the move!!

When Joclyn was about 4 months old she started to show interest in food. So on a saturday when Levi was home we decided to try feeding her some banana. She loved it and was asking for more. I decided to make my own baby food instead of buying it. Less stuff in it that she doesn't need.  We have now started her on some avocado as well as banana, she still prefers the banana over the avocado. Its been fun feeding her food she loves it!!

 We've also done some celebrating with the Family, and now that the weather is warmer we've been outside more. We've gone on walks and went on a picnic. Levi and I have also taken her to the park and the Zoo.

She sure has a fun personality, she loves her dad. When he comes home from work it's like a lightbulb turns on. She can be super fuzzy all day and he will get home and she'll get all bubbly and talkative. She started rolling around and it takes her no time to move from where I've left her to somewhere she deems is much more fun. She also loves to sit up and watch people and help us cook!!!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!
Joclyn's first time in a swing

She thought that her shadow was cool

At the Zoo with the Penguins

Looking at the fish

Eating a box
We went shopping and to entertain we stuck her in an empty box, which she then proceeded to chew on!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Joclyn asleep on the food tray on the plane!
When Joclyn was only 3 months my Dad and His wife Kim took Levi and I , and my younger brothers (other than Cam) to Hawaii. We went to the Big Island and stayed on the Kona side. It was my first time in Hawaii and Levi's second. Joclyn did great on the plane, when she wasn't sleeping she was being entertained by her grandparents or her crazy uncles. She didn't fuss to much but we got into Kona rather late and she decided to be up early so we didn't get much sleep!

The next day we spent shopping for food and trying to get to know the area. We found the temple in Kona from the highway, but it took us forever to get to it. It's hidden in the communityand hard to get to too. It was Joclyn's reaction to the temple that was the best part of going. It didn't matter that it was closed when she looked at the temple you knew that she knew how special it was. She was super smily the whole time we were there walking around the grounds.
Guidi Family at Temple in Kona
Joclyn's first time in the ocean
We spent a lot of time traveling around the Island. We saw many different things around the Island during our week stay. We went to many different beaches, saw lots of turtles and fish. We even went to the active volcano.

Joclyn was never to sure about the water. She didn't mind putting her feet in the water but the rolling of he ocean she didn't like at all. She even got a beautiful tan line right were her diaper sits.
Our Family at a cool waterfall

Joclyn in the ocean and not to sure about it