Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Joclyn!!!

It's a little late but its here!!! Joclyn turned one on the 31st of December and we celebrated with a party. I decided I wanted to a minnie mouse theme party. We could't do it in our house so we rented out the rec. room downstairs. We had lots of family come to celebrate with us. I was super excited to plan and decorate, I even went so far as making her her own tutu!!!

 It was sparkly and puffy and so dang cute on her! We had some snacks and watched Joclyn and the twins play with blocks. Then we opened presents. She liked the tissue paper more then the gifts themselves!

For cake well we didn't have cake, Aunty Leia made minnie mouse cupcakes for Joclyn. She was rather funny eating her cupcake, we have taught her not to be messy so when we came to digging in she wouldn't have anything to do with it!!!!!

 I can't believe my baby is already one!! So much has happened in a year and she has grown so much!! I am eternally grateful for my family and I'm very glad I'm a mother!!! We Love our little Princess!!