Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Car Journey

Since Levi got home from Oklahoma we have had some fun times with our car. We started dating right after he got home and since then we have had issues. It always happens when we feel like things are starting to go well. The first time we were engaged things were going well and we were on our way home from institute when we hit a huge pot hole on the passenger side, we immediately realized that we had blown the tire. So we pulled over to change the wheel, when we got out we hadn't only blew out the tire but we actually cracked the rim in half it was crazy. The biggest problem was is that the rim is a 900$ aluminium for our sports car. Neither one of us had the money for that so we began the search for a cheaper rim and tires. Luckily Levi found one for 250$ I can't remember how much the tires were but we got a few. After that things went smoothly.

The next thing that happened with the car, I had just gotten a job at Home Depot when I get this call from Levi. He had parked the car at the Home Depot down at chinook. He was working downtown at the time and he took transit but they had just started making you pay for parking at the station. So anyways he got back to the car when a lady ran out to meet him. She sells honey in the Home Depot parking lot. She had witnessed are car being hit an run on the passenger side bumper they had scratched it from the gas cap all the way back. According to the honey lady it was a black male in a white truck, he had decided to park beside our car, and then he apparently changed his mind and as he was backing out of the parking spot he scratched our car in the process and moved to a different spot. Well the honey lady saw this and went and grabbed his information and then waited around till Levi showed up. So we called the police and they came to our house grabbed all the info from us and they said they would inform us if something came of it. Well nothing did, but we paid the 200$ fee to our insurance company to get it fixed. It looked great after that.

So a few months went by and it seemed like things were going great we even went to utah for conference in april. It was fine until a week after we got back from utah. We had just got off work, I needed to run home and shower and get ready because we were going out to diner that night with Levi's parents. Now we live close to 16th ave which is always really busy. Now we were waiting to get onto 16th in the middle of rush hour, and this young gentlemen was nice and let us in, we didn't get very far because the light was red, so because we were stopped I decided to finish my make up so I was leaning forward to do my make up when the guy behind us who let us in decided to rear end us. We own a little sports car and he was in a Tahoe SUV. Since it was rush hour and we were in the far right lane he couldn't turn into the cars so he tried turning into the sidewalk which means he hit the passenger side (my side). Anyways I was sitting forward when he hit so I went farther forward and then all the way back, it really hurt. So we pull over get all of the information from him look at the car which seemed fine. This kid who hit us was maybe my age dressed like a gangster it was kinda funny. So anyways we get back on the road and go to diner with his parents. They of coarse are telling us what we need to do and so on. We get home and I have a head ache so we both took drugs. The next day was worse I went to work but I don't even think I stayed for three hours I was in so much pain. So needless to say we were rear ended. But thats not all TWO weeks later Levi had just picked up the rental car to get our car fixed. We were on our way home from our chiropractic appointment from the first accident. We were once again sitting at a red let not far from home at all and because of the first accident Levi was checking the rear view mirror more often. As he was looking he saw a car coming up behind us but he couldn't see the driver so naturally he swears witch tipped me off and tried to move out of the way but the rental car wasn't fast enough. He once again hit my side but this time you could see the damage he put a hole right through he bumper of the rental car. I was forewarned so my injuries weren't as bad. The kicker to this one was the fact that after we contact the rental company and then did a police report because of the damages and then the insurance company the gentlemen who hit us decided to lie and say he didn't hit us. That was fun!!!

So we kept going to chiro and going to Levi's mom (who is a massage therapist) and trying to deal with the 4 insurance companies (ours, the first guy who hit us , the second guy who hit us and the rental cars insurance company). Until we found out that the first guy who hit us wasn't insured at the time so now everything has to go through a lawyer or else we are going to get nothing out of it. So we hired a lawyer. After that things were going really well, jobs were going well everything was fine. Until the freak hail storm which attacked our car. So we took it in once again to get it fixed, they almost wrote the car off thats how much hail damage was on our car, but they were nice and didn't.

After that nothing we were good nothing happened for the rest of 2010 thank heavens, but just as thing were going really well in 2011, Levi with his new job everything was great. But we have discovered that as soon as life is good satan doesn't like and he uses our car to get at us. He had just dropped me off at work it was january and snowy he was headed to work. He was stopped at a red light again there was another guy stopped behind him a little close to him when another guy plowed into the guy behind levi who plowed into Levi. He wasn't expecting this so he was quite hurt. So we sent this to the lawyer because it was easier to deal with when it comes to injuries. So he was headed to chiro more often and seeing his mom.

Things just got back to normal and then the abs, service, tc control and engine light came on but we were doing ok. Then because we live in calgary and our weather is crazy, last saturday the 26th of march we were driving and the roads sucked they were super icy as we were turning a corner and we hit black ice, well because our abs brakes weren't working we just slide right into the curb and the top picture is what happened. We hit the curb and a piece of the rim on the drivers side popped off, but the wheel was holding so we were able to drive on it still which was nice. So the search began again but we were even luckier to find a guy who was selling the rim we needed on kajiji for 125$ who lived close to us and it was the only person who was selling them. The miracle thing was he had put his post on like two days before we needed it. So Levi went up with a friend and grabbed it and changed it. Now we are in the middle of trying to figure out what else is going on with our car.

I'm am so thankful for the Lord and my testimony because I would not be able to do this if I didn't know that I couldn't handle, and for the many blessing I do receive from him on a daily bases.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missing Cameron

So my little brother got his mission call, he is leaving me for two years to go to serve the people of Romania. We all gathered at Superstore in the middle of the electronics department where he works we gave him his envelope so he could open it. He then proceeded to read his call silently, we all wanted to know where he was going we finally got him to read to us what it said. I don't think that anyone in our family really expected him to go to Romania but thats where he is going. He is to report to the mtc on June 29 which is my dads birthday. While he is at the mtc he will be there for about three months to learn the romanian language. I know he will learn it quickly he seems to have a knack for that.

The worst thing about him leaving though is that I'm going to miss him so much!!! We have had times where we absolutely hated each other and at others we were really annoyed, but in the last year as I've been married and Cameron's been in university we have had a tone of amazing times. Since he started university he has come over to our house to hange out and go to institute once a week. I have loved him coming over and being able to see him that often. I have gotten to know him really well, I have watched him go through hard times and good times. I have been able to help him and be there for him when he needed me. I love him so much it hurts to think he is leaving and going somewhere without me, but at the same time I know he needs to do this and he needs to do it on his own.

I am going to miss him so much. I'm going to miss his spirit, his personality, his laugh and his smart remarks. He is my little brother and he means everything to me. He will do great on his mission and I know he will love the people. I know he will be blessed for serving a mission, and although he is gone for two years I will get him back. I will love writing letters to him and sending pictures as well as receiving them. I will love to watch him grow in the gospel and learn about all the strange food he will eat (he is kinda picky lol). I know he will come back stronger in the gospel, taller then I can imagine and more a man than ever.