Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Food Fun

When Joclyn was getting old enough to eat food, Levi and I started to look into what it would cost to buy her food or make. Both options come with pros and cons. In the end we decided to make her food instead of buying it. Since Joclyn started eating we have made all her food with the exception of once while traveling. I love making her food for a couple of reasons!!

1. It's cheaper then buying it. When we bought it it cost us 87 cents per jar. I bought 4 sweet potatoes for five dollars. I can get 2 meals approximately out of a jar of food. out of 4 sweet potatoes I can probably get twenty to twenty-five meals with it. For that many meals it cost me 25 cents. So much cheaper then buying it!!

2. I know what's going in her mouth!! When we bought the food, I looked closely to what the ingredients were. What I read second the reason to make my own food. It listed the ingredients which was fine, but I don't know how it was processed and who touched it, and how they preserved it in the jars for so long!!

The cons are the amount of time it takes to make it. It's not a lot of time, and really quite easy. The longest part of the process is the steaming or boiling to soften. As she gets bigger less time is needed to soften because she can eat chunkier food. I can also add my own spices to her food, lots of websites say no spices but she loves the added flavour!

At the end of the day when I've finished making her food, I feel so good. Like I've accomplished something in my day. When she eats it and the look on her face when it taste good. Thats why I do it, the look of pure joy on her face makes the time I took to make it all worth it. Making things for Joclyn and my family is so rewarding, all the effort and time put into it is totally worth it!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

3 Years

 So for our three year anniversary we went camping again. This time we took Adam and Nicole. Well and Joclyn of coarse. We went on friday the 13th and came home on the sunday.

Camping with a 6 month old has its challenges. There is meals to pack, and clothes, sleeping arrangements. I felt like I was a pack mule. But we had lots of fun.

We tried not to do to much and just relax, but its hard with Joclyn. We finally got her to bed after we set up the tent. It took a while. I think she was unsure about the no walls concept.
She didn't let us sleep in, so at 6 in the morning we were trying to find ways to not only keep her warm but entertained so that she wouldn't wake up anyone else. As soon as Adam heard her he was up and about the camp. So we left our warm sleeping bags and started breakfast. We decided to do crapes. It was harder to make them but Levi and they were super good.

After clean up and then feeding Joclyn breakfast we decided to go hiking.nI was a little worried about that with Joclyn and how that would work. We took her carrier as well the wrap I made for naps when we are out.
So we headed out to our hike, Levi and I had done this hike before. We new it was easy and that is why we chose it. We did this hike for our first year anniversary. So Levi took her to start in the carrier.

She did really well, didn't really make a peep at all. We discovered that she loves being outside, there are so many things that she could look at and touch.
 We stopped for a short break to take some pictures. We put Joclyn down to play and took some pictures of her playing. We then noticed she was sleepy so out came the wrap. We were about half way through the hike. I took her for her nap so Levi could have a break. She fell asleep in two seconds and stayed asleep till we were almost back to the car.

We went back to camp and relaxed. I decided to get in the lake and cool off. After the hike and carrying Joclyn I was sweating so much. It felt really good to get in the cool water. I took my time but it felt so good in the end. Then Nicole french braided my hair. I love my hair french braided.
 We didn't do much that night, just hung out and ate smokes!!!!

The next morning we got up, and Joclyn actually slept in! We noticed it was going to start raining so we quickly ate breakfast and started packing up. We had just got the tents packed up when it started pouring rain outside. The only thing left was the tarp. The boys made quick work of it and we were gone.

It was a great weekend and we had so much fun!! Thanks Adam and Nicole for coming and being so helpful and giving us some company!!!!!