Monday, July 26, 2010

One Year Anniversary

Levi and I have been married for a whole year! I can't believe it!!! So to celebrate we decided to go camping, just the two of us. We went to a campsite called Lac Des Arces.

So when we got to our campsite we had to unpack and set up, because our car is too small to fit everything into it so we didn't have room for firewood. After camp was set up we went into Canmore got some firewood and went back to have diner which was hot dogs.

While Levi was starting the fire and diner, I found a path from our campsite to the lake. So I grabbed the camera to take some photos. It was beautiful where we were and so peaceful!! It was perfect!

As we were sitting around the fire eating diner. We noticed something moving on the drivers side of the car. So we went to go check it out, there was a bird that was going between the side mirror and the car window on that side of the car. It was so funny Levi wanted a picture but when he walked up close enough to the car to get a photo the bird flew away. So he sat and waited to see if the bird came back it did but he never really got a good photo of the bird, so I took the camera and scared the bird off and got into the car.

The bird eventually came back and I got a good photo of the bird, well several good photos. He flew back in forth for hours until it got dark but he was back the next day bright and early. He came back everyday we were there. We called our camping pet. It was cute up until the bird continually pooped all over Levi's
side of the car. There was a lot of poo it took a while to clean off.

The next day which was the day before our anniversary, was rainy and not that great. So we spent a lot of time playing games, reading and having naps. I was half way through my nap when Levi came into the tent and changed into his swimsuit. I was by then fully awake and quite curious and what the heck he was doing. It was still raining and cold. So I grabbed the camera and followed him down to the lake. He was apparently to hot and needed a bath. He got into the water and for once in his live got cold. It took at least 20 min for him to fully dunk into the water. Well it took him so long to dunk that the camera turned off so I made Levi dunk again so I could take a picture. He wasn't to happy to stay in the water but he eventually warmed up.

Just after Levi got out of the water the sun decided to poke out and as soon as it did I turned around and made levi pose for me. It turned out so great it is one of my favourite pictures of him. He is holding sunlight soap in his hand, he was using the dish soap to wash off his sweat. He is so Handsome!!!!

We didn't do much that night not that we could it was still raining and cold at night. Levi borrowed a propane heater from his parents, it saved the night or I would have frozen to death. Not even Levi could get me warm without that heater.

The next day was our Anniversary, we woke up to sunshine and warmth, which was nice because it had rained the day before. We got up and made pancakes, with eggs and bacon. It was nice to just have Levi and I on our anniversary. After breakfast was cleaned up we got dressed and went on a hike.

We did a hike called Heart Creek trail. We didn't want to do a really hard hike so this was just perfect. It wasn't hard but it was really beautiful. When we got to the end of the hike there was suppose to be some falls. When we got there all we could do is listen to them the falls where hidden so you couldn't see them. So I became the tomboy and climbed up on this rock to get a better look at this waterfall.

Levi decided to follow me up to see the waterfall. The issue was getting back down the rock it was really slippery. So I went down first slowly and then levi followed. When Levi went down he decided to go fast instead of slowly. He almost ran into a tree and then me.

So after our hike we were both pretty warm and sweaty so we both got in the lake. It was super cold but it felt so good.

To celebrate our one year we had stake and baked potatoes on the fire. It was so great. Needless to say it was a ton of fun for the both of us.
I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and the year we have had together. I'm so excited for the rest of my life with him!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July is Here

Finally July is here, and the weather in Calgary is turning warm. I can get that tan I really want!!!Canada day was last thursday and was somewhat eventful. Levi and I along with my in-laws and there friends went down to Princess Island Park to celebrate. we sang O Canada and then watched the family theatre. It was put on by some U of C students, the funniest part about it was that one of the characters had to dress up as a baby and instead of finding clothes that fit he had taped a doll onto his chest but had cut off the head so it would be his head, I wished I'd gotten a picture of it! After that we just wandered around the island eating food and seeing some of the features they had there. Lots of and dancing and different Asian groups showing there cultures and making us Yummy food. All in all it was a fun day, crowded but fun!

So I would like to tell you a little bit more about mine and Levi's life. We are renting a house which is a nice size, its around 70 years old and very colourful. The outside is painted white and purple which doesn't look to bad. Inside is a whole other matter, the kitchen is lime green the dinning room is pink, half the basement is blue the other half is two different shades of purple. The only down to earth colours in our house is the bedroom and the bathroom. All the colours have made for interesting design techniques I've had to use, but it has come together really nicely. A lucky thing we do have is a landlord who doesn't care what we do with the yard as long as there is some grass and that we don't trash it. So with that freedom we have two fairly good sized garden plots. as well as flower garden for me! We also have a million chives growing in the back yard I was in the mood to take pictures and this is a picture of the flowers that grow on the chives. Anyways I'll stop boring you with my life for now and right something later!