Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten and a half months

So I've been a mom for ten and a half months and I've got to tell you that it's been amazing. There are ups and downs to everything but being a mom is awesome. I do have my down moments with her and there are many things that can frustrate me and tear me down, I wouldn't change it for the world!!!

We have been keeping busy with activities. September was busy for us because we celebrate 3 birthdays. Levi's was spent with his family. Mine was different completely. Levi took Joclyn and I too the calgary tower to eat. I've always wanted to do that! While we ate we got to turn and see all of Calgary. It was cool to be up there and to be able to see the temple from so far away. It was so tiny but we could still find it. The food was great and so was the company. Elia and Jenny joined us for diner!!!

 Our life will never be the same, Joclyn started crawling a couple months ago. I swear my house will never be clean again! She is into absolutely everything! DVD's, toys, the other day she discovered what a drawer is, toilet paper among other things. She follows us around everywhere we go, sometimes it feels like we got a puppy. Once she got the crawling down in a matter of weeks she was pulling herself up to a standing position via the couch. Now she is walking along the couch and pulling herself up everywhere.

The craziest and scary thing that she has started randomly, is stairs. We were at my mothers and didn't think about blocking the stairs. Next thing we know we couldn't hear her or see her. We naturally went looking for her and he had already climbed three steps all by herself! I was afraid she was going to fall but at the same time I was so proud that she had figured it out. Now everywhere we go that has stairs I have to extra vigilant in watching her because thats where she heads first.
October was filled with the temple open house. Every time we went through the temple with Joclyn was a fun neat experience. Joclyn in the celestial room was interesting. Every time we went in there we were suppose to be quiet and that would be the only time through the whole tour that she would start talking. I don't know to who but she did. It was really cool to watch her!

As Christmas is just around the corner, I'm looking forward to it in a whole new light. Last year we had hopped for Joclyn before Christmas, that didn't happen. So this year with Joclyn will be fun and extremely different to previous years.

Our lives have changed completely since the day she was born, and we are loving every moment with her!!!