Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So I have never blogged about my many craft projects. Every once in a while I get the urge to be creative and as a result I have started (and not always finished lol) many craft projects. The biggest one I do is little bows and headbands. I started this project because I wanted to put them on Joclyn but I didn't want to pay ridiculous prices for them (especially on a budget!) So I began to do some research online on how to make hair bows. I don't make the headbands as of yet though. As a result my in laws would invite me to go the farmers markets to sell with them so I started a small business of sorts selling my bows and bands. I have made a few hundred dollars doing this. Right now whenever I sell some of it goes into buying more product and the rest goes to school. I've been experimenting lately on some new slightly bigger, more like a fascinator (fascinators are like those crazy things on the woman at William and Kate's wedding). They aren't easy and I'm not the greatest at crafts so everything is a work in progress. I say I'm not good but really thats the perfectionist in me talking.
My more popular bow

One of my favorites 
So when I have some down time with no school I make bows. Then I have my other random projects I do. I've started and have not yet finished making a few FHE packs. They come with stories and flannel board pictures and activities. These are fun but more time consuming then bows for I have to print and colour and laminate, needless to say they are time consuming. It's a good thing she isn't quite old enough yet to appreciate or understand them yet so I still have time.

As some already know I do some quilting. I'm not perfect but so far I've done three and I'm in the process of finding a pattern that I like to make. The three blankets I have made are a pink one for myself as a young woman's project, a blue and brown one for my best friend when she moved up to Edmonton, and the most recent is a multicoloured blanket I started for myself that kinda turned into Joclyn's blanket once we found out we were pregnant. I had my Grandma Lund's help with the first two, but not the last. The first two are much better, Joclyn's isn't perfect but it's the first one i did on my own so I was proud of it. Sorry I never took a photo though.  

My First Blanket

One of my most recent projects that I have completed is called string art. I found the idea on Pinterest but I did in my own way. So the original one was the word love. So i decided to do Joclyn's name. I wanted it a little big, so on Levi's hunting trips the would go by an old barn that was falling down so I asked him to grab a couple pieces for me which he did. I had too wait all winter though to start it because there was crap like literal crap all over it and I needed to pressure wash it. So as soon as it got warm and we remembered I took them out to wash them. After I cleaned them they needed drying and as I was at Levi's parents house they would stay there. My only concern was that Grandpa Guidi during the whole time wanted to sand them down and make them look brand new, but that wasn't the point of getting old barn wood now was it. And with Grandpas mind not that great he could have forgotten and done what he wanted to. So I hoped and prayed he wouldn't touch it and luckily he didn't. Then there was finding the right lettering I liked and getting it to the right size. It was stressful ( I hate computers sometimes) I ended printing them as big as I could and then going to staples to enlarge them. The rest was easy. Once we got the letters back and cut out, Levi being the wonderful and supportive husband sat on the floor and nailed in all the finishing nails for me. Then I got to doing the string part of the project. It took two hours max, but it turned out beautifully!!! Here it is hung up in her room for her!

I like to craft but not all the time. I do get the urge to change things up and let my creative mind come out and these few projects are the result of that.