Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Food Fun

When Joclyn was getting old enough to eat food, Levi and I started to look into what it would cost to buy her food or make. Both options come with pros and cons. In the end we decided to make her food instead of buying it. Since Joclyn started eating we have made all her food with the exception of once while traveling. I love making her food for a couple of reasons!!

1. It's cheaper then buying it. When we bought it it cost us 87 cents per jar. I bought 4 sweet potatoes for five dollars. I can get 2 meals approximately out of a jar of food. out of 4 sweet potatoes I can probably get twenty to twenty-five meals with it. For that many meals it cost me 25 cents. So much cheaper then buying it!!

2. I know what's going in her mouth!! When we bought the food, I looked closely to what the ingredients were. What I read second the reason to make my own food. It listed the ingredients which was fine, but I don't know how it was processed and who touched it, and how they preserved it in the jars for so long!!

The cons are the amount of time it takes to make it. It's not a lot of time, and really quite easy. The longest part of the process is the steaming or boiling to soften. As she gets bigger less time is needed to soften because she can eat chunkier food. I can also add my own spices to her food, lots of websites say no spices but she loves the added flavour!

At the end of the day when I've finished making her food, I feel so good. Like I've accomplished something in my day. When she eats it and the look on her face when it taste good. Thats why I do it, the look of pure joy on her face makes the time I took to make it all worth it. Making things for Joclyn and my family is so rewarding, all the effort and time put into it is totally worth it!!!

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