Sunday, September 2, 2012


So Levi and I got to go to the temple on the 1st of September!!! It had been way to long since the last time we had gone. It was a nice treat, we have both missed going. We planned to go weeks before and as the time got closer and closer it was all I could think about and talk about with Levi.

We went down the night before and stayed at the motel with the pool. We got Joclyn a little boat to swim in, but she was to tired to do much but let us push her around the pool.

The next morning we got up and ready, while Joclyn still slept. She woke up about twenty to eight so I fed her and we left. We made it to the eight thirty session just in time to! 

As I went through the session I had so many questions, but the lord worked in mysterious ways. He calmed my mind answered my prayers and I left with a peace of mind that I hadn't had in a long time I didn't want to leave. I'm so grateful to parents and family for helping us get there and taking car of our baby at the same time. It was wonderful to go down and be able to be taught by the Lord, and to be reassured that everything is all right. 

I can't wait for the Temple in Calgary to be done. We live a ten minute walk away, and I know there are many who will come babysit for us so that we can go more often then not. I feel so blessed to have a temple so close and that I will be able to go more often. It is hard to get away with a little one, but when we were there I wasn't worried at all about Joclyn. I know when we are doing the right thing the Lord will take car of her and those who are watching her. 

Thanks Mom and Dad Guidi and Leia and Cory!!!

I wanted a picture of us at the temple in Cardston but Joclyn had her nap so this is of us in Hawaii

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