Sunday, May 5, 2013

16 Months of Learning

I know its been since her birthday that I last blogged but soon after that blog post I started school. I just haven't had much time. So a brief update of the last few months. We have kept ourselves busy with many activities. Here are a few things we have done/accomplished:

-Joclyn started Walking on Valentines day while my Mom and Bret were babysitting. ( Which she forgot to tell me, so the next day I was rather surprised!)

-She has taken off with the talking its just baby talk but she loves to tell us stories.

-She loves to dance and sing while she dances!

-Her little cousin Willem was born and when we went to go see him she thought he was like her little doll and wanted to hold him and carry him around.

-For her first Easter we made a trail of chocolate eggs from her room to her basket which she thought was cool until she saw her basket and the eggs where forgotten.

-We went for a little hike at a park by our house with Grandma Lund-Roberts with our newly acquired backpack. 

-We went to Devonian Gardens with Pele and Lono one weekend ( which is really sad by the way and we will not be returning anytime soon!!) 

-We took care of Pele while she was recovering from knee surgery. ( I think we kept her sane rather then actually helped out though.)

-Last but not least this past week (while not in school thank heavens!!!) we dealt with a terrible ordeal with the flu it involved a lot of cuddling! 

Playing with Big Bear

Eating snacks after hike

Stealing Great Grandpa's food

Uncle Bret feeding before bedtime 
Hugging Daddy

Finding her Easter basket

Grandma and Daddy on the hike

Wanting to get out

Justin, Andrew, Uncle Mitch and Uncle Bret with Joclyn at the park

Loving the rocks!!!!

Going down the slide at Devonian Gardens

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