Thursday, May 30, 2013

Balancing Mom and School

So I started school in January of this year, which is a lot sometimes with being at home with Joclyn all the time. Instead of going to school full time I decided to do it part time and online. Which means I get to stay home and raise my daughter instead of putting her in a daycare! Your all probably going to ask if I don't tell you what I'm taking so here it is. I'm taking the Administrative Assistant Course at Bow Valley College. It was not my first choice I would rather do something in the medical field but that would be difficult to do from home. I wanted to get some schooling done just incase something happens to Levi (which I'm hoping and praying does not happen!) Also I wanted to show my children that I did go to school and get a something from a post secondary institution.

When I finally found out I was excepted into this programme I was excited that I finally managed to get into school ( I have tried before without success) and terrified that I would fail. I have never been strong in school and I have always struggled with grades and self esteem when it comes to school. As I started my first semester it was a lot different then what I thought it would be. It wasn't as terrifying or as difficult as I originally thought.

As the first few weeks came and went Joclyn and I finally fell into a routine. I would get up early before she would wake up and start school then we would go on with our day as if everything was normal. As nap time came around she would go to sleep and I would get back to work on my school. The days she didn't sleep very long I would have to do homework after bedtime and ignore Levi.

When it came to crunch time I started getting stressed as final things were being handed in. I had it done but my worry of grades came back and I was stressing out and as a result I was stressing Levi out. Finally things got handed in and it was time to wait. So I filled my time with my daughter and some crafts that I had put off while in school. When I finally got my grades I was shocked to find out I had 80's in both my classes. I have never had anything over a 70. I was so excited and less worried as the second semester started in a week. I was ecstatic over my grades that I was ready to get on my second semester and see what I could do.

I'm now on my second semester and things are going well and I'm even ahead in my classes. The benefit of doing it at your own pace is that you can go as fast or slow as you want. Just make sure you get assignments in on time and finish quizzes. Currently I'm ahead so I have some more free time then usual which means that I get to sleep in!!! I'm also grateful that my in laws had a extra pc laptop they weren't using so that I could do one of my courses which involves using Word. I have a mac so its not quite the same as the pc so it worked out well.

I'm glad that I went through and started school, its not the easiest thing to do while being a full time mom, but I don't regret showing my children that school is important. And no matter the circumstances that it can still be done even if its not ideal or easy. Its not first choice as I said but once all our kids are in school I can go back to school for know this will do!!!     

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